A Guide To Offroading

If you own a truck and would like to get more use out of it, offroading is a great hobby to pick up. I go into offroading about 5 years ago, and its been an exciting but expensive journey. Truck accessories can be quite expensive but are totaly worth it. You know what they say, you gotta pay to play.

Trucks of this generation are amazing, they’re built to handle the roads very effectively. Where the real test is, is when you start to hit the trails. This is how you know if you bought the right truck or not. For some beginners, offroading is challenging and confusing, you need to be prepared and ready for the next challenge. Here are some tips to help you out.

  1. Learn your Truck- trucks, especially new ones, have a lot of built in goodies, like traction control. Traction control is the part of your truck that monitors how fast your wheels are spinning. Its made to make your vehicle safer in slipper conditions and helps you not spin out when youre stuck. Also learn about your locking differentials, a locking diff will help you in conditions on the trails.
  2. Part Upgrades- factory trucks are great for the road, as I mentioned, but they aren’t made to conquer the trails off the lot. Parts will have to be upgraded, you will need to purchase some fender flares, suspension kits, tires, brakes, oil pans. These parts are needed if you plan on going on some harder trails. If you plan on going down some really touristy spots, your stock truck should be ok, maybe have some better tires.
  3. Life Savers- a day on the trails can be easy or it can be hard, its best to prepare for any type of situation. I always carry in my truck, a first aid kit, glass breakers, cutters, fire extinguisher, a warm set of clothes, extra food and water, and have a flashlight.
  4. Trail conditions- before you even head out onto the trails, study how to react to each different type of trail conditions. Learn how to deal with sand, loose rocks, mud,water, etc.

Having these tips when you go out next, will set you up for success. Keep in mid to always stay learning, learn new techniques and learn to ways to use your truck.

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