Top things to do outside before the snow falls

Up here in Canada, we get winter for a good chunk of the year, actually that depends on where you live in Canada. Here in Edmonton, we get a fair bit of winter.

As I write this we haven’t gotten any snow yet, so there is still plenty of stuff to do in the autumn leaves. I actually love doing outdoor activities at this time of the year, because it isn’t too hot or too cold.

Here is my list of stuff I like to do before the snow falls.

1.) Tidy up the lawn

Believe it our not, but I thoroughly enjoy cleaning up all the leaves in my yard at this time of the year. I dont have any fancy leaf blower, to help clear the yard, although I have been eying the PB 250, but for now I will continue raking them up. I like to put all the summer ornaments and BBQ away just so its a lot cleaner in the yard before the snow.

2.) Go for a bike ride

Biking during an autumn afternoon might just be the most peaceful things to do. Seeing all the different leaves change colors, and hearing the leaves crunch as you glide over them. Such a beautiful time of the year.

3.) Walks in the Park

If you dont have a bike, go for a walk. Great way to take your mind off of things and very healthy as well.

4.) Go for a hike

Luckily for me, I have some nice trails and mountains a few hours away, so I love taking a drive out, and going for a hike in the mountains. Such a great time and great exercise.

5.) Offroading

This time of the year is perfect for offroadng, a lot of the times, trails are a lot more opened up, and you can be a lot more confident in adventuring off of trails. If you are like myself and have an offroading truck. Take it out and have some fun.

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